Enabling cryptocurrency users to pay for flights, accommodation and also in retail outlets.

The platform comes in two forms, one being the travel component whereby users can book and pay for holiday arrangements using BTC, LTC and BNB via the TravelbyBit platform. The second piece to TravelbyBit is their Retail component which allows merchants registered on the platform to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for goods or services.

TravelbyBit is a dynamic company and are continuously looking to expand their services and product. They have also received funding from Binance and the Australian Government to further aid their vision.

The platform enables merchants to load TravelbyBit on any device with an internet connection, this could be a mobile device or even a tablet. Users looking to pay for goods or services on the platform simply take a photo of the QR code produced on the screen at the time of transaction and then send through the funds with ease.

Merchants will have the option to receive their funds in either Crypto or as AUD which would then be deposited into the given Australian Bank Account.

We look forward to working with the TravelbyBit Team and Platform and will further update our sources as the relationship matures.