Brisbane startup TravelbyBit is facilitating digital currency tourism for Australia. A payment platform for merchants, it allows small businesses to accept payment in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in a peer-to-peer format – meaning no bank fees and no risk of credit card fraud. For travellers who use digital currencies it’s a roadmap to Australian tourism operators who accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

Australia's first Crypto friendly township has already been established in Queensland at Agnes Water 1770 and runs on the TravelByBit Platform. 

You can pay in digital currencies at most of the local town accommodation businesses, tours, activities, cafes and restaurants. 

A User friendly set-up enables merchants to load TravelbyBit on any device with an internet connection, this could be a mobile device or even a tablet. Users looking to pay for goods or services on the platform simply take a photo of the QR code produced on the screen at the time of transaction and then send through the funds with ease.

Merchants will have the option to receive their funds in either Crypto or as AUD which would then be deposited into the given Australian Bank Account.

We look forward to working with the TravelByBit Team and Platform and will further update our sources as the relationship matures.

CEO, TravelByBit

Caleb Yeoh

Caleb is building the bridge between digital currency and mainstream business starting in the travel and tourism sector. 

Prior to founding TravelbyBit, Caleb performed a range of corporate roles in large companies including Deloitte, Origin Energy, CS Energy, Santos, BHP Billiton, and most recently Shell Australia.

Board Member