The vision of Function X through its innovations is to empower this next phase of the internet, to better the efficiency of the current conventional level and create an environment that is secure, fully decentralized and free of monopolization.


Over the past 10 years, the emergence of Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies have paved new ways, transforming the previously centralized mechanisms and monetary systems into a new system where all participants can have equal rights. 

As more participants join an ecosystem, the more stable it becomes. 

This results in a currency issuance, circulation, and ownership that are fair, robust, and anonymous.


The benefits of this new system via blockchain technology has provided the inspiration to the team behind Function X.


f(˟) is a decentralized network. 

It is intended to be an integrated solution to serve decentralized networks.

 The f(˟) recipe consists of a combination of: a new blockchain algorithm, a complete set of decentralized network, a decentralized communication architecture and a decentralized governance protocol.


We believe that decentralization should be absolute, immutable and without a tinge of centralization.

This encompasses the design concepts, architecture, procedure/protocol, as well as governance structures.


Ultimately, this is the f(˟) implementation of a decentralized network, where not a single entity can dominate, control and influence the network .

The aggregation of data in a few concentrated locations (and organizations) poses important security concerns, involving potential risks such as data privacy abuse and leakage. 

Not to mention, the monopolistic model is difficult to break, and the lack of transparency as well as competition could bring negative effects to the growth and development of the world.



Function X is a next-generation internet service framework. 

We have created a completely new ecosystem of service framework by improving the existing internet and blockchain architecture, combining the benefits of both worlds and using the most commonly used technical solutions. 

We have employed a systematic approach towards software/hardware co-design, to allow all existing applications, websites, data and services to be completely decentralized, helping to lay a solid foundation for future development paths of the next generation internet.

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The f(˟) team has made a lot of progress in terms of hardware, operating system, basic services and blockchain public chain optimizations. These were exemplified by a series of public demonstrations showing the progress of f(˟) products. 

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World's 1st Blockchain Phone XPhone Powered by F(x)


The world's first true blockchain phone that is secure and decentralized to the core. 

It is powered by Function X, an ecosystem that is built entirely on the blockchain. Unlike traditional phones, you will no longer require a centralized service provider to call, message, browse the internet or access app services. The blockchain mode enabled by Function X allows your data to be kept encrypted and secure.

Moreover, the XPhone is backward compatible with Android. 

Switch between blockchain and traditional mode on the fly to access your favorite apps. 

Only 5,000 XPhones will be produced and released to the world in late 2019.

Pundi X will look to partner with hardware and phone manufacturers to build their own version of the blockchain phone powered by Function X.

Create a world where you have complete control over how your data is used.