One Phone. Different Forms.


Blok On Blok (BOB), formerly code-named XPhone, is the world’s first blockchain phone. It is designed and built on the Function X (f(x))  decentralized OS, enabling you to take full control over your own data. 

Every order of BOB will come in a MOD Assembly Kit for you to create and build your personalized blockchain phone. 

Open Source

3D print additional phone parts to add to your BOB.

With the freedom to assemble your own phone, unleash your creativity to build your own unique BOB.


f(x) OS = Own Your Data

With the f(x) OS powering BOB, it is the world's first true blockchain phone that is secure and decentralized to its core. The f(x) OS allows you to tap into the Function X ecosystem that is built entirely on the blockchain.

 Each BOB functions like a node, supporting the Function X blockchain. Unlike traditional phones, you will no longer require a centralized service provider to call, message, browse the internet or access app services.

The OS is backward compatible with Android. Switch between blockchain and Android mode on the fly to access your favorite Android apps.


Tired of having the same phone design with every phone upgrade?

Pundi X want to empower you to take control of how you want your phone to be. 


BOB gives you the freedom to put together a device that’s uniquely you and the ability to change its form and design with different modification parts, accessories and stickers.


Create your own BOB. Own your design. Own your data.

Pitt Huang (CTO and Co-founder) from Pundi X walks us through the XPhone, the set up process of registering it as a node and why it's different from the rest of the mobile phones as it is fully decentralised and operating on the Function X OS.

Your privacy matters. Own your data.