Transact using Crypto Currency in Retail stores!

The main goal of blockchain remittance companies is to simplify the entire process, removing unnecessary intermediaries. The idea is to provide frictionless and nearly instant payment solutions. Unlike traditional services, a blockchain network doesn’t rely on a slow process of approving transactions, which usually goes through several mediators and requires a lot of manual work.

Instead, a blockchain system can perform worldwide financial transactions based on a distributed network of computers. This means that several computers participate in the process of verifying and validating transactions - and this can be done in a decentralized and secure way. 

When compared to the traditional banking system, blockchain technology can provide faster and more reliable payment solutions at a much lower cost.

In other words, blockchain technology may solve some of the major problems faced by the remittance industry, such as high fees and long transaction time. The operational costs can drop substantially simply by reducing the numbers of intermediaries.

A new era in payment solutions!

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